Sweet Surrender

vocals-driven acoustic duo from Minnesota

Sweet Surrender is a vocals-driven acoustic duo from the Twin Cities area. Our music reflects a diverse range of our musical tastes - from the most current pop and country tunes on the radio today, to some great older tunes done with a twist. We also love to share music that reflects our love for Christ through the most current, contemporary Christian music.

In the summer of 2011, we entered the Minnesota State Fair Amateur Talent Contest, eventually working our way to the finals round on Sunday, September 4, 2011. It was a thrill and blessing to be able to play for an estimated 8,000+ people. You can see pictures and video if interested.

We continually pray that God will take our music to whoever needs to hear it. Please take a moment and listen to some of our samples, and then if you know of a venue where our music would be a fit, please contact us.

Here’s a bit more info on the members of Sweet Surrender:


teresa kallio

Although Teresa has always loved music, her involvement in the Discovery worship band at her church lead her to contemporary Christian music that she never knew existed. She found a connection to Christ in the music and lyrics while driving in the car, doing laundry, and during the ordinary routine of the day. When she combined her love to sing with her faith, it really awakened her to explore new possibilities including songwriting, learning to play guitar, and expanding the opportunities to share her faith through music.

Teresa is primarily a stay-at-home mom of her 3 children, Jakson, Avery, and Jordan. Now that the kids are full-time students, she enjoys working part-time for the school district in a pre-school. She and her husband, Curt, spend most evenings/weekends dividing and conquering their children’s busy activity schedules. If there is a free moment, Teresa enjoys movies, lattes, time with friends, and mostly just being at home with her family.


Brian Johnson

Brian is an information security nerd by day, and aspiring musician by night.  He has always loved music, starting piano at a young age and going on to dabble in mandolin, guitar, bass and drums throughout high school and college. Still, Brian always thought of it as a hobby until recently.

"This past year or so, I’ve really felt God tug me towards something involving music ministry. I’m excited to see what He will do with this new musical venture.”

When he’s not nerding out over technology or sharpening the calluses on his fingers playing stringed instruments, Brian loves spending time with his wife Aimee and their two sons, Cameron and Atticus. He blogs about their lives - and a little bit of everything - at www.brianjohnson.tv.